Values and Learning

Our school values, 'Respect, Engage, Aspire, Collaborate, Hope', not only underpin how we behave in and around our happy school, but also set the content for our discussions in Collective Worship, as well as shape the way we talk about our learning.

Each term, we have a value in focus for Collective Worship. We celebrate everyone who brings this value to life through their words and actions during the course of the term. This is helped by parents, who fill in 'leaves' about their child's value-led behaviour. These leaves of positivity are displayed on our special 'Value Tree', in the heart of our school. Once a new value is in focus they are carefully displayed in our Golden Book for all to admire. We are very proud of our leafy children!

Values for Collective Worship:

Respect - Generosity, Forgiveness, Friendship, Compassion

Engage - Responsibility, Courage

Aspire - Perseverence, Creativity

Collaborate - Humility, Trust

Hope - Peace, Justice


Our five school values also define how we talk about our learning. You can find out more about the exciting ways we 'work our learning muscles', with our very own learning animals and their gym bags, using our school values in the learning zone, but, for now, here are how our school values link to our learning powers. (We are grateful to the work of Guy Claxton which inspired us!)

Values for Learning:

Respect - We show respect in all of our learning...

Engage - Ask questions, Be logical, Notice, Manage distractions, Be absorbed

Aspire - Plan, Make links, Persevere, Reflect

Collaborate - Empathise and listen, Share, Check, 'Own or Others?'

Hope - Imagine, Be flexible, Be resourceful