Playtimes at Avening Primary School

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Playtime at our school is a very special time. This is because we recognise that play has a significant beneficial impact on a child's health and well-being; it is pivotal in the development of the child and, as such, we see play as part of our essential provision.

During our playtimes, children choose where to play - on the garden (whatever the weather - we have a fabulous welly store!), on the playgrounds, with the water trays, in the mud kitchen, on the climbing frame, under the canopy, around the fire pit. Children are explorers, builders, performers, sporting heroes, scientists, risk takers, mediators, chefs, engineers... and most of all they have fun!

Click here to view a video about play, produced by our School Council - School Council Playtime Video

Our Play Team - Mrs Woodman, Miss Lowe, Mrs Dyer, Mr Hatt, Mrs James and Ms Gobey - help to facilitate wonderful play. Mr Hatt and Mrs Carter also visit the Scrap Store on a regular basis to top-up our 'loose parts' which spark imaginations.

We have worked with Michael Follett, a play specialist from Outdoor Play and Learning, to improve our play provision and the results speak for themselves. We received a Platinum Play Award in January 2018, in recognition of our amazing playtimes!