COVID-19 Remote Learning Information and Risk Assessments 

In March 2020, everything changed as the country went into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. We produced an electronic scrap book as a record of our school experience of the first lockdown. Click here to watch #togetherapart Avening's Lockdown Video.


We are delighted to be open to all children at the current time.  

There are some measures that we are continuing to take to keep our community safe. These are set out in our risk assessment, produced with the advice from the Local Authority SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) unit. This can be viewed via the link below.

Every school is required to have an Outbreak Management Plan if there is a cluster of cases within the school. This can also be viewed below. 

Covid-19 Risk Assessment from January 2022

Outbreak Management Plan

Covid-19 letter to parents, January 2022

Flow Chart to manage covid-19 cases in schools 

It may be that we need to revert to remote learning provision in the case of children or staff having to isolate. Information about our provision can be see below. 


Information for parents about our remote learning provision can be seen here.

Please click here for our Remote Learning Home-School agreement.


It remains vital that we are able to contact parents easily and that there is someone who is able to collect a child quickly in the event of their child exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. 


Please find below links to other relevant document and school guidance, as well as guidance from the DfE.


Home-School Behaviour Agreement COVID-19

Annex to Risk Assessment - LFT Feb 2021