COVID-19 Remote Learning Information and Risk Assessments 

In March 2020, everything changed as the country went into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. We produced an electronic scrap book as a record of our school experience. Click here to watch #togetherapart Avening's Lockdown Video.


Before the summer break, we safely welcomed back children in our reception class, Year 1 and Year 6, along with children of key workers and those most vulnerable. We were also pleased to provide a few days in school for all year groups.

From September 2020, the school  fully reopened. However, we are once again closed to all children except those most vulnerable and those of critical workers.  All other children are engaged in remote learning.

Information for parents about our remote learning provision can be seen here.

Please click here for our Remote Learning Home-School agreement.


Following guidance from the Department of Education, supplemented by information sent to us by the Local Authority SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) unit, we have put into place a number of measures which are guided by science and which will enable the school to reduce risks as much as possible. 

 With this guidance, we have produced detailed risk assessments and plans to ensure that the school is as safe as possible for children, parents and staff which are available for you to view via the links below. The risk assessments and plans, closely adhering to the advice we have been given, have the full support of the governing body.  

Key to the success of our safety measures is keeping children in class ‘bubbles’. Avoiding cross-contamination between the bubbles is central to our risk assessments. This means that unfortunately no parents will be permitted onto the school site; this goes against all of our usual policies, but we hope that parents will  understand our position and respect the guidance we have put into place.

We would also like to remind our school community that we will be operating a one way pedestrian system along the school lane, following the one way direction of traffic, as well as a staggered start and end to the school day. We are asking for parental cooperation in sticking strictly to the times for their children to minimise gatherings of parents and children by the school gates. Please remember that only one person should be collecting a child to further minimise risks.

We have hand sanitiser for frequent use by staff and children in each bubble. Please contact the school if your child is NOT able to use hand sanitiser.

Children should not be bringing toys or comforters to school. The only items permitted will be:

  • book bag
  • lunchbox and snack
  • Children must have their own water bottle; they will not be permitted to share cups in class
  • They must also have their own sun hat.

It will be vital that we are able to contact parents easily and that there is someone who is able to collect a child quickly in the event of their child exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. 

We are likely to be living with the threat of the virus for some time to come, so it is essential that we work together to follow the government guidance to ensure that we do all we can to make the school as safe as possible for everyone. 

Please find below links to our risk assessments and school guidance, as well as guidance from the DfE.

Guidance for parents from  September 2020

Quick Reference Guide for Covid-19 Related Absence

Home-School Behaviour Agreement COVID-19

What to do if your child has symptoms

GCC Risk Assessment for Avening Primary School (updated March 2021)

Annex to Risk Assessment - LFT Feb 2021

Avening Primary School COVID-19 Plan from September

Local Authority Principles for Reopening and County Offer

GAPH Guiding Principles for Class and School Closure, November 2020