Avening Primary School


There are currently 13 reception children in our Eagles class.  Mrs Katherine Turner is the class teacher on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; Mrs Emily Lucas is the class teacher on Tuesday and Mrs Deb Carter and Mrs Clare Steele are the teaching assistants.


There are currently 28 children in our Kestrels class - 15 Year 1 pupils and 13 Year 2 pupils. Ms Jill McKenzie and Mrs Emily Evans are the class teachers and Mrs Kelly Wilkinson is the teaching assistant.


There are currently 33 pupils in our Hawks class - 16 Year 3 pupils and 17 Year 4 pupils.  Mr Mark Wilkinson is the class teacher and Mrs Nicola Clifford is the teaching assistant.


There are currently 28 pupils in our Owls class - 11 Year 5 pupils and 17 Year 6 pupils.  Miss Felicity Smith is the class teacher and Mrs Shan Amos, Mrs Tina Boulton and Mrs Estelle St-John Smith are the teaching assistants.